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An Exploration

Aloha Kauai!

Thank you for connecting with me to learn more about the Feldenkrais Method®. first discovered the method through a practitioner in San Luis Obispo, CA in 2000. He was my mentor and greatest teacher. He helped me with a surf injury and got me back in the water. After that, I enrolled in the Feldenkrais Training Program in Berkeley, CA in 2002 and graduated in 2006.

After my training I pursued a life long dream and enrolled in a helicopter flight school on Kauai (2007). I used the method to help me with the challenges flying had to offer. After completing five FAA ratings I started teaching ground and flight lessons.

In 2011, I was injured by a vehicle while walking across the tarmac after a flight test. The Functional Integration® lessons once again got me back on my feet. Flying is now for private excursions on Oahu and I tutor students with ground lessons. 

The knowledge from flying and Feldenkrais® has given me insights that I enjoy sharing. The physics of energy and movement is surprisingly similar and has helped me to improve kinesthetic awareness.

Now, I teach private Functional Integration® and Awareness Through Movement® Workshops here on Kauai and abroad.

During the pandemic I put my focus into vegan cooking, zoom classes, gardening and enrolled in an online school for a degree in Healthcare Administration, which I am still currently working on. 

My true passion is sharing the knowledge of the Feldenkrais Method®

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Shared Experiences

Leaf Pattern Design

"Best massage! I loved it, really great pressure and loved the shoulder/face/neck part :)"

Tylie H.

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