Functional Integration®
finding somatic solutions for pain

I will take an initial intake of your areas of pain and learn from you how the pain started, whether is was an accident, gradual onset, surgery or a combination etc.  Then we will talk about what sort of activities you like to do and areas of movement you would like to improve.  We will observe together the movements of the neck, spine, shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, ankles and feet.  Please wear clothing to move in and bring a pair of socks.  

Once we have a clear understanding of how you are moving we will start with

gentle support of the muscles, the skeleton and the somatic nervous system.  This will enable me to sense where the musculoskeletal imbalances are.  The idea is to support, gently guide, and provide stability for the whole body in order to find a restful state.  


When people are in acute or chronic pain it can be hard to find a comfortable resting position. Anxiety is often a factor and sometimes depression can also be present. We will talk about breathing, posture, balance, and functions of the whole body (such as: flexion, extension, rotation and a variety of combinations).


Each person has a history that is unique.  If you are willing to make a change in your approach to moving, I am here to facilitate that learning experience.  The Functional Integration® lessons of the Feldenkrais Method® are supportive, gentle and effective.  My students range in age and abilities.  For more information or questions please call or email.  

60 minutes / $125

90 minutes / $175

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Hours of Operation

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