types of massage

This is the most well-known massage that includes effleurage (circular motion with the palm), petrissage (kneading into underlying tissue) and percussion to stimulate and promote circulation. The general direction of movement is pushing the blood towards the heart. There are light stretches and compressions incorporated to gently elongate and soothe tired muscles.

$165/60 minutes

$200/90 minutes

*complimentary aromatherapy, hot towels, water and hotel slippers

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

This is a traditional Hawaiian style of massage that is special. Long flowing compressive strokes are done by using the forearms. The tempo is much like a swaying palm tree that encompasses the whole body to connect with the rhythm of Kauai. Reset your clock with this medium pressure massage to promote relaxation and stress reduction.

$170/60 minutes

$210/90 minutes

*complimentary aromatherapy, hot towels, water, hotel slippers and a sarong 


The primary focus is supporting areas behind the sacrum and the base of the skull. After my motor vehicle accident touch was painful. This type of massage helped calm my nervous system after sacral and neck trauma and bridged the gap so I could receive other types of massage. This is a gentle hands-on supportive massage to promote relaxation. Clothing is worn for this massage.

$159/60 minutes

*complimentary aromatherapy and water



Awapuhi Wild Ginger Scalp Massage

This keratin rich conditioning treatment containing Hawaiian Awaphui is warmed and drizzled along the hairline and massaged into the scalp for a deeply hydrating experience. The hair is combed and wrapped in a hot towel.


CBD Pain Relief Massage Oil & Spot Treatment

The anti-inflammatory benefits of Cannabinoids is a non-THC herbal approach to addressing areas of pain. I use level 3 CBD Clinic® Pain Relief massage oil on the whole body and level 5 (more concentrated) on areas of more acute or chronic pain. Enjoy the gift of nature to restore and rejuvenate tight overworked muscles.


La Stone Therapy

In Hawaii the translation is Pohaku massage. Gently warmed basalt stones are slowly massaged into muscles for deep relaxation. The warmth may promote a sense of grounding and stress reduction.


Body Polishing

A tropical blend of Hawaiian sugar, coconut oil and Papaya is used to gently exfoliate, nourish and soften the skin. All natural ingredients are used in this delightful enhancement.

$30/hands & feet (within massage time)

$50/full body (extra 15 minutes needed)

Epsom Salt Bubble Bath

After your massage step into a prepared lavender epsom salt bubble bath with wild flower petals, a scented soy-based candle and your choice of sparkling water or still water. 


Deep Tissue

If you feel that medium pressure is not going to meet your needs then deep tissue may be an added benefit to your massage.