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Distance Learning

Couple Working Together

Distance learning may be something you want to explore if you are unable to see me in person. These are some of the options we have:


  • Together we can observe your movement patterns and talk about your sensations while doing certain functions. For example: if you are having trouble with a yoga pose then we can deconstruct it and refine the effort being used.

  • I can lead you through a tailored Awareness Through Movement® lesson.

  • We can explore ways to support your joints with pillows and head boards.

  • I can answer your questions and be more involved with your experience while practicing the Feldenkrais Method®.

How to do distance learning:
  1. Call or email me to schedule your lesson.

  2. Be prepared to start at the time of your lesson. A quiet room is most effective. 

  3. We can do the lesson via phone/headphones or by Zoom. 

  4. Send payment by Venmo/Check/Credit Card 

Pricing and Duration

30 minute duration $75​

60 minute duration $125

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