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On June 1, 2020 the Kauai county mayor has opened spas and other businesses.  
In order to keep safe these are the new protocols for my practice:
1.  A mask must be worn at all times.
2.  Temperature check outside the spa facility. (must be 100.4 and lower)
3.  Upon entry you can use the hand sanitizer provided or you can wash your hands.
4.  Shoes must be removed before entering my office.  
5.  Area rugs and drapes have been removed.
6.  All surfaces are cleaned in a bleach solution.  10 min saturation to meet EPA standards
7.  Only one person in the hallway at a time. 
8.  Reception room is closed. Please wait outside.
9.  The pool and shower room is no longer available.  
10.Testers of my CBD products are no longer available.  
Safety is my utmost concern. If you have been unwell please allow 2 weeks before you schedule an appointment.  It is important to me to be on the side of caution and practice safely.  
Thank you for working with me to keep us healthy.  
Keltie Clevenger
Keltie Clevenger is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®  and Massage Therapist MAT#16210.  
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“I have had a spinal injury for the last 13 years that eventually lead me to multiple spinal fusions of the neck.  I continued with numbness of the arms and therapy was recommended.  Physical therapy helped temporarily but I have now found the gentle somatic work with Keltie has addressed long term patterns that have lasted beyond temporary relief. I have gained range of motion in my shoulders, neck and even down my back.”

Dewayna Metcalfe


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