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Awareness Through Movement® Classes

In this class setting you will explore a variety of movements with a special focus on the details. We examine the skeletal connections, the ease of moving and the quality of those movements. Many of the lessons are done lying down on the floor. Some lessons are done with your eyes closed. This is a verbally guided class to help you improve your internal awareness.


Currently my only class is at The Club at Kukuiula. Members please contact the office to find out when the next class is. We have just started an introductory series. 

I am in the midst of looking for other venues to teach. If you have a space I can use please contact me. Mahalo!


I offer online private Awareness Through Movement® Classes by appointment. Please email to arrange a time. I verbally will guide you through a class that is geared towards something you are working on improving. This is an optimal approach for those who are traveling, immune compromised, or unable to attend a class in person. You will need headphones, a quiet place, a mat or table and props to aid in your comfort. 

© International Feldenkrais® Federation. Produced by Marcela Bretschneider. All rights reserved.

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